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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrei Buryak

Andrei Buryak

Andrei Buryak’s art is a present-day example of the balance of individuality, traditions and creativity. The immanent feature of his paintings is an inward readiness for expression. His works of art give free play to viewer’s imagination and are saturated with underlying messages. Naïve stardust, sentimentality and meditative concentration on intriguing interconnections within ordinary objects, incompleteness and detachment run through his painting.

The artworks of Andrei Buryak have a solid foundation. Drawing, coloring and unrestricted vision of composition – all these elements form the core of artist’s craftsmanship. The balance of shade, hue and color is his specialty. They always are ascetic in combination and dedicated to the entire concept of the creation of internal pressure. Deliberately decorative backdrops place additional emphasis on a subject, create an atmosphere of mysterious ambiguity or even of silence. Andrei’s paintings are patterned with figures, objects and landscapes that emerge like out of dreams. Often his characters are portrayed with eyes closed. The action on canvases loses its predictability: the artist generalizes the plot, which gains laconism and significance without visible accentuating what is going on. Emotional power of these works influences an audience little by little.

There are some patterns that the artist repeats with each painting - the objects, characters and plots - as if they are film shots. Major characters unite in compositions with floating chairs turned upside down and with other trivial objects; they also reflect not thoughts but subliminal images. In this mixture of pictorial art and a motion picture some canvases are engaged in a dialogue, they narrate and other paintings play the part of freeze frames. And the audience realizes that it is not just a painting but also a philosophic movie.

The entire Andrei Buryak’s oeuvre is formed by his subjective positivism. This doctrine can be described as “metaphysics of Love and Beauty”. According to artist’s positivism the viewer himself/herself should cognize and implement the laws of Love and Beauty; could become free of daily routine and learn to experience this magnificent state. The artist finds an unconventional way to introduce his concept – he draws his paintings in the forms of riddles-parables. He gives to each observer a complete license to develop their own formula of Love and Beauty.

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Excellente travail que j admire beaucoup.


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