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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Olga Akasi - Ольга Акаси

Olga Akasi

Ольга Акаси

Olga Akasi’s characters have astonishing faces. They don’t look like faces of real people; they came from another world, very far from human being. They look like images that don’t exist in our world. Artist materializes them, embodies them, makes viewer to peer at this different-being and not to recognize himself in it.

Smiles of faces at her works are not mundane and not human; there is something different in human being, the mystery that unites mundane human world with non-material, spiritual image.

Olga Akasi’s works give insinuation that the human isn’t momentary, that the eternal constituent of human life forces through discontinuous nature of matter, through limits scantiness of human being.

Denis Karasev, poet, member of Writers Union of Moscow.

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