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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sandra Flood

Sandra Flood

Hmm....Artists statement. Well, I guess if I was a writer I might have something to say but since I am a painter, I offer you a visual statement . I think one should do what one does best. Enjoy!

Sandra Flood

Sandra Flood, is a full-time, self taught oil painter who's work has been received with enormous popularity over recent years.
Her work is primarily figurative, imbued with subtle yet compelling emotion.

She greatly admires a wide range of both contemporary and historic masters- notably: Egon Schiele; Lucian Freud; Degas; Motherwell; Whistler; and Antonio Lopez.

Without exception, even her most recent works reside in private collections in Zurich, Hong Kong, Greenwich, Manhattan, Princeton, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Sandra lives in a 140 yr old house on the Delaware River with her husband and scrappy dog, Degas

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