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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sergey Lukyanov
Сергей Лукьянов

Sergey Lukyanov born 1964. Graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. His Works are in the Semipalatinsk Museum of Fine Arts in galleries and private collections in Russia, America and Europe.He worked at the Moscow Art Institute and he's a Member of the Moscow Union of Graphic Artists.

"Currently I'm working with private collectors in Russia and abroad."

"All of our surrounding world has diversity of life. And each layer has its own architecture, its symphony of characters. And the man and the subject of shoots his life as a rifle cartridge. Everything is symbolic! Express the invisible world of man can be done only intuitively allegories, symbols and signs. The picture may show only one facet of a character, as it is multi-faceted, often completely inexplicable. The letter itself is abstract, but with the addition of derived words, sentences, expressed thoughts, describes the life. "

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zoe said...

i love both his style and his color so much. i agree about the symbolism and layering of life, and he expresses it so well! the birds are exquisite...
i am so happy on your page today! thank you so much for all of this beauty!!


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